Masashi Sada's LA Concert:, a Japanese musician and singer, Masashi Sada, will perform his LA concert at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center on Sunday, 10-20-2013. The doors will open at 4 pm to sell his music CD's and books, and his concert will start at 5 pm.

The reserved tickets are sold at $35, $55, $75, $100, $125, and $150. When I called the concert organizer, "Aura Foundation" office on 10-16-2013, $35, $125, $ $150 tickets were sold out. I purchased $55 tickets.



This theater is near my house, so I went there to take a look at it. They have a parking lot there, too.

SM8164もうすぐ、さだまさし さんのコンサートです。

Masashi Sada's concert will start soon. I'm looking forward to it!

Aura Foundation Office: 323-969-9410, 323-882-6545

All American Tickets: 888-507-3287

Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center
1935 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Redondo Beach CA 90278

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Kula 回転寿司に最近2回行ってきました。ほとんど一皿$2で美味しいです。
"Kula Revolving Sushi": I went there twice recently. Almost all the dishes are sold at $2 each and very delicious.


This is how they revolve Sushi and other food dishes.

Discount Coupons on "LightHouse" local magazine


You get $5 off for $20 Purchase and $10 off for $40 Purchase with these coupons. They are effective until 9/15/2013.

Snapper, Flounder

Grilled Salmon

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

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9月7日(土)は朝から夕方までずーっといろんな天使雲と龍神雲が出ました。夕陽はめちゃきれいでしたので、写真アップします。Redondo Beach 住宅街にて撮影。
"Angel Clouds" and Dragon clouds appeared from morning to the sunset all day on Saturday, 9-7-2013. Especially the sunset was so beautiful, so I upload some photos taken at Redondo Beach residential area here.





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Yoshikiのイブニングコンサートに8月26日に行きました。X Japan リーダーで曲を作り、ピアノ、キーボード、ドラム演奏されてる方です。私のブログ(こちら)を見てこのコンサートを知ったという方がたくさん来てたようです。
Yoshiki Classical 082601
"An Evening With Yoshiki": was held at Grammy Museum from 8 pm on 8-26-2013. We went there. Looks like many people found out about this concert from my blog article (here) and got the tickets and came.


We arrived Grammy Museum, downtown LA little before 7 pm. Many angel clouds and dragon clouds were appearing in the sky. Yoshiki is probably encouraged by them.

YoCC7642w会場前に並ぶとすごい行列でした。20人ずつ10列席の7列目真ん中に席を確保。8時過ぎからYoshikiの紹介動画がスクリーンされ、8:10 PMごろYoshiki 登場。

Many people were already in the line when we went there. We got seats at the middle section at the 7th row. There were 20 seats per row and 10 rows. They started playing Yoshiki's introduction video clip, little after 8 PM. Yoshiki appeared around 8:10 PM.

YoCC7645w軽く挨拶して、すぐに「THE LAST SONG」を演奏。(1998年にX JAPANとしてリリースされたシングル楽曲だそう。)桜が映し出されたビジョンが映し出され、やわらかく美しかったです。

Yoshiki greeted and performed "The LAST SONG". (It's a single song released by X JAPAN in 1998.) Sakura Cherry flowers were screened. It was so soft and beautiful.

YoCC7650w続いて演奏されたのは「Golden Globe Theme」。

その後グラミー副会長Scott Goldmanとの対談が開催され、Yoshikiが4歳の時にピアノを親が買い練習始めたこと、X JAPANのToshiとは4歳の時から幼稚園で同級生だそう。お父さんが10歳の時に亡くなり、KISS などロックが好きになった。お母さんがドラムを買ってくれ、Toshiと一緒にロックバンドを始めたことを語った。(日本人ファンはもうご存知と思います。)

YoCC7656wAs the next, he played "Golden Globe Theme."

After that he started a talk show with Mr. Scott Goldman, Director of Grammy Museum. Yoshiki talked his parents got a piano for him when was 4 years old and started to take Piano classes. His father died when he was 10 years old. He started to love KISS and rock music. His mother got him a drum set. He started a rock band with Toshi. (I guess many Japanese fans already knew this.)

YoCC7659wScottさんが会場にいるファンに質問を聞きました。5番目ぐらいに、Scott さんが私を指されました。
『When will you release the next song album for X JAPAN?』(X JAPANの次の曲アルバムをいつリリースされるのですか?)と質問すると、
『I would like to know, too.』(自分もそれを知りたい。)とういうお返事でした。(笑!)

YoCC7665wScott asked the audience for questioning Yoshiki. Scott pointed me as the 5th questioner. I asked, "When will you release the next song album for X JAPAN?"
Yoshiki said, "I would like to know, too." It spread laughs among the audience.

YoCC7669w私のすぐ後ろの方が、『Do you still keep and eat Mozuku?』(もずくをまだ保持して食べられますか?)と質問。
『Japanese food. How did you know I keep it in my refrigerator? Yes.』(日本食。どうやって私の冷蔵庫に保持してることを知りましたか?。。。はい。)と返事されました。これも会場に笑いを広めました。

Yocc7677wA person sitting right behind me asked, "Do you still keep and eat Mozuku?"
Yoshiki said, "Japanese food. How did you know I keep it in my refrigerator? Yes." Mozuku is seaweed food and popular among some Japanese people. This conversation also spread laughs among the audience.

YoCC7681w全世界生中継もおこなわれ、アメリカでは USTREAM、日本ではニコニコ動画で生中継され、5万人を超えるファンがネット上で見守ったようです。

タイランドで放送されたLIVE放送の YouTube リンクを見つけたので、下にそれを添えますね~。

YoCC7685w"An Evening With Yoshiki" was live aired all around the world. It was on USTREAM in USA and on Niko-Niko Video in Japan, and it seems more than 50,000 fans watched it live Online.

YoCC7687wTwitterやfacebookで世界中のファンから演奏してほしい曲のリクエストを募り、「Forever Love」、「I.V.」、「Rosa」の3曲をリクエストに応え、即興で披露。

He checked his Twitter and Facebook accounts to see 'fans request songs'. He played "Forever Love", "I.V." and "Rosa" right away.

Yoshiki-P14w「Art of Life」ではその場でキーボードで弾いたものを録音し、それに自らピアノを重ね、多重演奏するパフォーマンスも披露。

With "Art of Life", he started to play and record his keyboard and added his Piano performance. It was his special performance technique.

Yoshiki-P15w彼の最後の曲は、X JAPANのバラード、『Endlress Rain』を美しくクラシックに編曲したものでした。そこに居た聴衆が日本語で歌詞を歌いました。

His final song was a beautiful revision of the X Japan ballad ‘Endless Rain.’ The crowd filled in as singers.

Yoshiki-P25w Yoshiki が立って頭を下げて挨拶し、特別な夜として終了しました。 聴衆の皆さんも立ってYoshikiに拍手を送りました。

It ended to be a very special night, as Yoshiki took his bows to a standing ovation. The audience clapped hands to Yoshiki to celebrate him.

Yoshiki live at Grammy Museum Part 1.by Xjapan in Thailand

This was aired live in Thailand. This is part 1.

Yoshiki live at Grammy Museum Part 2.by XJapan in Thailand

This was also aired live in Thailand. My question to Yoshiki is there.

8月27日に"Yoshiki Classical"アルバムが iTunesAmazon で販売され、8月28日朝に購入しました。 そのアルバムのCDは、9月24日に発売されるそう。

‘Yoshiki Classical’ is available for digital download via iTunes and Amazon. I purchased it on 8-28-2013 morning. The album’s physical release will be Sept. 24.

2010年1月9日に初めてハリウッドでX Japanの音楽プロモーションビデオ撮影の時から宣伝Eメールをいただき、全部のYohikiさんやXJAPANさんのLAチャリティーショーやコンサートに参加しました。ありがとうございます。

X Japan did filming of four major music videos at Hollywood & Highland Commercial Building Complex. It was from 4 pm on Jan. 9, 2010. I went there to be a part of it. I went to Yoshiki and X JAPAN's all of LA charity shows and concerts so far. Thanks a lot!

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"Free Zumba In Park", Redondo Beach: is held every Tuesday during the summer. It will be the last one tonight, 1.5 hours later.


Around 400 adults and 90 to 107 kids attended.


The angel clouds I posted on my blog last week were photo-taken on the way there and at the park after 6 pm last Tuesday.





The 3 to 4 Japanese ladies who live near-by were dancing there often.



This is me. I asked the lady dancing behind to take a photo with my iPhone.


I got a T-shirt and Walk Step tool for free last week there for making big sounds and enjoying there. They also have free gifts today. I will attach the Email announcement from the Health association below.

ZD7115wNine heart-pumping sessions and more than 4,000 attendees later, it’s all coming down to this...

Tuesday, August 27, is this summer’s final Zumba in the Park, and we are hoping to shatter our attendance record and have more than 500 men, women and children dance their way to better health. But we need your help, so please invite your friends, family and co-workers!

Zumba extraordinaire Monica will be leading the fun, and we will be giving away bigger and better prizes as a thank you for making this summer a success. Giveaways include:

• T-shirts to the first 75 people who check in
• $50 gift card to the Center for Health & Fitness
• $40 gift card to Whole Foods
• One-month gym membership
• Sketchers Shoe Card
• Gift cards to Wildflower Café and Dive & Surf
• “Zumba by Monica” clothing

Today, Tuesday may be the end of Zumba in the Park this year, but we offer Zumba year-round at the Center for Health & Fitness. So be sure to take advantage of your 7-day Unlimited Membership and explore everything our fitness center has to offer, including Zumba, Yoga, Pilates and much more.

Again, thank you for making these past nine weeks great, and let’s leave it all on the field...

Zumba in the Park
Last Day: Tuesday, August 27
6:30 to 7:30pm
Where: Alta Vista Park, Julia Field, Redondo Beach


昨晩はYoshiki さんのLAクラシックコンサートに参加。楽しかったです。前から7列目の彼の直線状に座り、久々にお会いできて、楽しかったです。今晩か明日朝にそちらのブログを更新しますね。

I went to Yoshiki's LA Classical concert last night. My seat was 7th row in front of Yoshiki. It was fun to see him again in a few years. I will post that blog tonight or tomorrow morning.

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